Zagreb around WWII Walk

An inter-active walk

kisobran WWIIZagreb around World War II tour gives answers to frequently asked questions about the events during the nineteen thirties and forties. (Disponible aussi en français)

Zagreb was developing fast in those days especially to the east of the historical center. Nice and stylish houses and buildings of that period were transformed during WW2 to become the symbols of the nightmare that started in April 1941.  The brutality of the revenge gave a bittersweet taste to the victory in 1945.

This is an interactive walk counting on your contribution.

Open tours possible daily on request. Contact at

Starting point: The Mestrovic Pavilion, Trg zrtava fasizma

Duration: around 2,5 hours

Price: 25 EUR for a minimum of 2 people 


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Mestrovic Pavilion in Zagreb, Croatia

World War II and Zagreb (1935-1955)

This tour will concentrate on stories and sites that strongly influenced the development of the urban identity of Zagreb after the Second World War. Three main influences intertwined:

    • late thirties in Zagreb – the legacy of the “last big historical period” was still strong – these are memories of the Habsburg Empire and forming of the modern capital at the end of the 19th century and the disappointment with the status of Croatia within the Kingdom of Yugoslavia between the two wars
    • World War II in Zagreb. We will unveil some interesting stories about the everyday life during the war and stories revealed by underground antifascist activists after the war.
    • The third big influence is the communist period from 1945 until about 1955 (the first period of the communist regime). You will hear the story on how the communist Yugoslavia was established in the first years after the war and some personal stories describing how that influenced common people that were not part of communist regime.
Old symbols now on sale on the Zagreb's Flea Market



Old symbols now on sale on the Zagreb’s Flea Market

Read about the frequent change of names of important squares and streets and

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