Facts vs Fiction

You, a traveler, should ask yourself what you prefer more: real life stories based on facts or fairy tales and fantasy. There is no good or bad answer here. It is a fact that we accept new information more easily through stories, real or made up. How far should we go in interpreting the heritage without compromising facts and real life behind it?

And does it event matter?

Look at the pictures that we posted two weeks ago with a question – what do you think these carvings are?

Well, these are the walls in the basement of Muzej Slavonija in Osijek, Croatia. These carvings have to be examined yet, but what we do know is that they were made mostly by prisoners of war.

Did your perception change once you learned the facts?

Now, look at the “Zagreb Tunnel” and share your impression with us. Is it a medieval tunnel, is it just a corridor?

What speaks to you more: the left tunnel or the right tunnel?

Whatever you chose, come and follow the stories of people who lived in Zagreb and who created our history.
Come to our Zagreb around the WWII tour to learn real life stories, other people’s experiences that influenced the post WWII world so much, that, yes, we can say that we live better today than we would have lived 70 or more years ago.

You, a traveler want to discover new cultures, people and traditions. We, as guides, will make our best to interpret the heritage. The process between the three of us is interesting! (1. you, 2. we, 3. What do you think is under “3”). In between is a message transferred by a story.

See you soon in Zagreb, Croatia.
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