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About me

Hi, my name is Samia. I am a tourist guide and a tour leader. A native from Zagreb, Croatia but working as a tour leader on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia. I was lucky to start travelling early in life, experiencing the French proverb Les voyages forment la jeunesse – travel shapes the young mind; or better, travel broadens the mind. The first-hand experience of cultural pheno...
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Follow me on Youtube

Hello everyone from Zagreb, Croatia! The year 2020 is coming to a close and I would like to invite you to follow me on YouTube to see and learn about this part of Europe - the South-East, or the Western Balkans as many of you call our region. My YouTube channel is here: Best-of-Zagreb Walks and I hope you will enjoy these little visual jottings about my home town and my regio...
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Innovation in Guiding

Best of Zagreb as a small business from Croatia providing guiding services and other services related to travel  was part of a European project Innovation in guiding - Innoguide 2.0 from 2014 to 2016. This was done through our membership in Drustvo Marije Jurić Zagorke's section of Cultural Tourism. The Innoguide project developed a platform to educate guides, their trainers a...
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Visiting Zagreb

Here are some practical information for those of you coming to Zagreb and wishing to explore the city. The Zagreb cathedral is open for visitors form 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday, on Sundays from 1 pm to 5 pm.  Outside those hours you can enter but without a guide, and you probably won’t be able to look around and photograph, because of the masses. Often the visit is...
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